# Internationalization

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# Description

jBASE utilizes the internationalization support inherent in the environment but also provides five additional commands to override these facilities. The commands are:

Command Explanation
SET-DEC Set decimal point
SET-MONEY Set currency symbol
SET-THOUS Set thousands separator
SET-LANG Set language
DATE-FORMAT Set date format

When the jBASE application executes the default setting are obtained from the default language settings. This language setting provides primary control over the currency symbol, decimal point character, thousands separator, and the textual names of the days of the week and months of the year.

The usual system defaults are:

Parameter Default Value
Currency $
Decimal point .
Thousands separator ,
Language C
Months January, February, March,...., December
Days Monday, Tuesday,...., Sunday
Date format mm/dd/yy

# Note

On UNIX, languages are usually found in the /usr/lib/locale directory, the LANG environment variable is usually set to /usr/lib/locale/C. The default language can be modified by the jBASE SET-LANG command.

On Windows the settings are controlled from the Regional Settings Applet on the control panel.

In most cases, these settings have been made redundant by the introduction of the JBASE_LOCALE and JBASE_TIMEZONE environment variables.

# Language Modifiers

Once the jBASE Initialization has occurred then the language settings can be overridden with the additional jBASE utilities as follows:

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