# jBASE Getting Started Guide

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This page is a guide to working with jBASE on Windows and UNIX, with examples for creating jBASE programs, database files and querying the database at the jshell.

These examples can be followed on your local system or using a free Docker container instance by following the instructions provided below.

# Select your preferred platform

Platform Availability Matrix

# Download jBASE

jBASE Downloads (opens new window)

# Install jBASE

Windows Installation Guide
Linux Installation Guide
Docker cheat-sheet

# Install Docker - Windows, Linux

# Docker Instructions

If you prefer to experiment rather than watch, here is our Docker cheat-sheet

# Find out more about the platform with our Introduction to jBASE:

jBASE Fundamentals - Read this first
Using the Database
jBASE Query Language (jQL)

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