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# Description

The CREATE-TRIGGER ( aka CREATE.TRIGGER ) command is used to specify the database events for which the trigger subroutine is called

CREATE-TRIGGER -Options FileName {triggername|*} subroutine

Where Options can be:

Option Description
-a Trigger can amend the record
-d Trigger can be debugged
-t trigger can terminate the update
-o Overwrite any existing trigger definition

# Trigger Names (types of triggers)

Option Description
POSTOPEN Called before a file is opened
PREREAD Called before a item is read
POSTREAD Called after a item is read
PREWRITE Called before a item is written to disk
POSTWRITE Called after a item is written to disk
PREDELETE Called before a item is deleted
POSTDELETE Called after a item is deleted from disk
PRECLEAR Called before a clear statement is executed
POSTCLEAR Called after a clear statement is execute
* Called for any event shown above

# Notes

CREATE-TRIGGER can be run multiple times for the same file. If a trigger has already been defined for the specified event then the overwrite flag must be used to effect the change.

If the trigger subroutine cannot be located the trigger will not fire but the actual activity will continue to happen.

# Examples


The subroutine SUBBPOPEN will be called immediately after the BP file is successfully opened by any jBASE process.


The subroutine SUBBP will be called for every database event to the PAYROLL file. Existing trigger definitions will be overwritten.

See Trigger API for instructions on how to create the trigger.

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