# General Settings

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# Description

This section describes where jBASE is installed and how it should behave.

Section Description
emulation Specify what MV platform to emulate as a default (JBCEMULATE).
emulation_file Where to find config_emulate.
jbase_data_files Where to put jBASE workfiles and the default location for new accounts created with CREATE-ACCOUNT (JBCDATADIR)
md This is an optional MD file, also known as VOC on some MV platforms (JEDIFILENAME_MD).
system This is the SYSTEM file used to define the locations of accounts (JEDIFILENAME_SYSTEM).
default_home Default home directory, i.e. the starting directory/account when starting jBASE (HOME).
no_admin_mode If you are just using a single session to enter code then set this to true, for multiple users set it to false so that shared memory is accessible to all users (Windows only) (JBASE_ENV_DEVELOPER_MODE).

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