# Backing up jBASE Servers using Veeam

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# Introduction

For expediency sake, these procedures have been illustrated with the use of virtual machines running on VMware Workstation rather than in a full-fledged VMware Server environment.

In such an environment, the procedures will be much the same but the options may vary somewhat.

A virtual ESXi server was staged and used in order to illustrate restoring data from a Linux backup, as it was not possible to achieve an end result by any other means.

# Veeam

The Community Edition of Veeam (opens new window) was used for these procedures.

As well as online help at the above link, there is a Hitchhikers Guide available to read (opens new window), although you must register for access.

The Veeam utility can be used to make full or partial backups of Windows and Linux jBASE servers.

In order that an uncorrupted copy of the jBASE folders/accounts is made, a DB-PAUSE should be in effect before the backup is made.

After the backup, a DB-RESUME should be issued to allow normal jBASE activity to resume.

Configuring a full Linux Server backup

Configuring a Protection group for a Windows jBASE Server

Configuring a Full Backup for a Windows Server Protection Group

Restoring data from a Windows Veeam backup

Restoring data from a Linux Veeam backup

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