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# Description

The PATH environment variable contains a list of all directories that contain executable programs. As a minimum, this should contain the shell default values plus the path of the jBASE bin directory (i.e.$JBCRELEASEDIR/bin on unix, %JBCRELEASEDIR%\bin on Windows) so that jBASE commands are seen by the shell. You will also wish to explicitly add the path of your application executable directory (such as ${HOME}/bin).

# Values

Any directory the user has privileges for.

# Default

The default depends entirely upon your system and how it has been set up.

# Setting

Normal environment variable, so it can be set at any time by the commands:


export PATH=$PATH:$JBCRELEASEDIR/bin:/apps/bin

# Windows

set PATH=%PATH%;%JBCRELEASEDIR%/bin;C:\apps\bin

# Notes

If you receive a Windows warning that your path is too long then see this page.

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