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# Description

This variable should be used if you require the use of a MD or VOC file to hold Q pointers, jCL programs, paragraphs or entries for jQL (jBASE Query Language). If you have loaded an account-save into your home directory then you might wish to set this variable. This will then allow you to:

  • Execute jCL programs and paragraphs directly from the MD/VOC (using jsh or EXECUTE/CHAIN etc.)
  • Support Q-pointers and F-pointers in the MD/VOC file (may need JEDIFILENAME_SYSTEM)
  • On systems with 14 char filename limits, create cross reference items for executables from the original name to the new name.

# Values

Valid file path.  While it is not required, it is strongly advised that this value be set to the complete path of the MD and not a relative path (as an example, /home/MD]D should be used instead of ./MD]D).

# Default


# Setting

As per normal environment variable, so it can be set at any time by the commands:



# Windows


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