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# Description

Defines the location for jBASE to determine any configured databases. Overrides  the default setting for the spooler direcory.

# Values

Valid file path

# Default

%JBCRELEASEDIR%\jbase_data (Windows)

# Setting

It must be set before running any jBASE program.

# Note

When the JBCSPOOLERDIR is not defined,  the default setting for the jBASE spooler directory is $JBCDATADIR/jbase_data.
When JBCDATADIR is not set, the default setting is $JBCGLOBALDIR/jbase_data.

If the JBCGLOBALDIR is not set, it defaults to $JBCRELEASEDIR.

$JBCDATADIR/home is used as the default $HOME environment variable, when $HOME (UNIX) / %HOME% (Windows) is NOT set on a LOGTO.

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