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# Description

When this environment variable is set, the alternative SP-EDIT program is invoked.

# Values


# Default


# Note

The alternative SP-EDIT program prompts the user with a list of options to manipulate the print job. For example:

jsh ~ -->SP-EDIT 4

Entry # 4 Display(Y/N/T/TN/S/D/X/(CR)?

The options are:

Y display the first 10 lines of the print job
N skip to the "String" prompt
T output the job to stdout with paging
TN output the job to stdout without paging
S skip to the "Spool" prompt
D skip to the "Delete" prompt
X or <Enter> exit SP-EDIT

If Y, N, T or TN is selected, the user is next prompted for String. Entering a string will cause a scan of each line of the print job, from the first line to the last line or until the string is found. The user is then prompted for "Spool (Y/N=CR)". If Y is entered the print job is spooled from the line in which the specified string was located. If the string was not located, the entire job is spooled.

# Setting

As per normal environment variable. It should be set before jBASE is invoked.


export JBC_OLD_SP_EDIT=1

# Windows


See also the behavior of the standard SP-EDIT.

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