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# Description

This environment variable specifies the format of how dates are converted to/from internal and external date representations.

# Values

  • 1- International (dd mm yyyy)
  • 2 - USA (mm dd yyyy)
  • 3 - Japanese (yyyymmdd)

Any other value defaults to USA format.

# Setting

This environment variable must be set before running any jBASE process.

For instance:

set JBASE_DATE_FORMAT=1  (Windows)

# Note

If JBASE_DATE_FORMAT is undefined then the Date Format is determined by JBASE_LOCALE (if set). If JBASE_LOCALE is also undefined then use ( UNIX) 'locale' ( LANG ) / ( Windows ) 'Region and Language'.

jQL dictionary items using the 'D' conversion code will also respect this environment variable (e.g. D4-).

The Japanese Date format is only relevant when using an ‘ICONV’ to convert a string, i.e. ‘20150331’ to an internal date (the internal date for '31 March 2015'). Japanese Date formats are NOT used in ‘OCONV’s ( other than ‘OCONV(x,’DI’) ).

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