# Introduction to the jBC Debugger

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The jBC debugger is a fully featured, interactive diagnostic utility that gives the programmer full access to the program variables and files. It will allow examination of source code, save and restore of debug settings and full access to system commands from within the debug shell. As such it is a powerful tool for detecting and fixing errors within jBC source programs. The main features of the debugger are:

  • Set and delete breakpoints to halt program execution. These can be simple line number breaks or based upon the result of an evaluated expression.
  • Set and delete the tracking and display of variable contents.
  • Display any number of lines from within the current source.
  • Locate text in the current source.
  • Examine and set breakpoints in source files other than the current one.
  • Display and modify the contents of any variable.
  • Execute a chosen number of source program lines before re-entering debug.
  • Redirect debugger interaction to another device or terminal.
  • Save debugger status to a file and execute debugger commands held in a file.
  • Execute system commands and return to debug.

Invoking the debugger

Setting breakpoints

Runtime debugger arguments

Debugger commands

Debugger symbol tables

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