# System Parameter Operands

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# Description

Reference system parameters like date, time, the current break level, or the number of the current record. The general form is as:


where system-operand can be any of the following:

Operand Description
D Returns the system date in internal format.
LPV Returns the previous value transformed by a format code.
NA Returns the number of fields in the record.
NB Returns the current break level counter. 1 is the lowest break level, 255 is the GRAND TOTAL line.
ND Returns the number of records (detail lines) since the last control break.
NI Returns the record counter.
NL Returns the record length in bytes
NS Returns the subvalue counter
NU Returns the date of last update
NV Returns the value counter
T Returns the system time in internal format.
V Returns the previous value transformed by a format code

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