# P Conversion

Updated: 11/30/2021, 7:00:45 PM
Created: 11/30/2021, 7:00:45 PM
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# Description

The P code returns a value if it matches one of the specified patterns. Patterns can be combinations of numeric and alphabetic characters and literal strings. It takes the general form:



  • # returns null if the source matches the pattern, or the source if it does not.
  • element is one or more of the following:
nA tests for n alphabetic characters
nC tests for n alphabetic or numeric characters
nN tests for n numeric characters
nP tests for n printable characters
nX tests for n characters
"literal" tests for the presence of the literal

# Note

If the value does not match any of the patterns, a null will be returned.

# Input Conversion

Input conversion does not invert. It simply applies the pattern matching to the input data.

# Example 1


Will match and return AA*123/BB or xy*999/zz. Will fail to match AAA*123/BB or A1*123/BB, and will return null.

# Example 2


Will match and return AA*123/BB, xy*999/zz, 99-AA or 10-xx. Will fail to match AA&123/BB, A1*123/BB, 9A-AA or 101-xx, and will return null.

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