# MT Conversion

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# Description

The MT code is used to convert time notations such as 01:40:30 or 1:30 AM between internal and external format. It takes the general form:



  • H specifies 12-hour format. If omitted, 24-hour format will be used.
  • S specifies that seconds are to be included.

Time is stored internally as the number of seconds since midnight. The stored value can be output in 12 hour or 24 hour (international) format.

12:00PM is defined as noon and 12:00AM is defined as midnight.

For output conversions, AM and PM designators are automatically displayed. For example: 09:40AM and 06:30PM.

# Input Conversion #1

Input conversion is valid. Generally, for selection processing you should specify MT codes in field 7 of the data definition record.

AM or PM designators are taken into account. The result of the input conversion for certain values can be affected by the time_is_hours emulation setting.

# Examples

# Input Conversion #2

Code Input Result
MT 00:00 0
MTH 12:00AM 0
MT 01:00AM 3600
MT 01:00 3600
MTH 01:00 3600
MTH 01:00AM 3600
MT 01:00PM 46800
MTH 01:00PM 46800
MTS 01:00:30 3630

# Output Conversion

Code Source Value Result
MTS 0 00:00:00
MTHS 0 12:00:00AM
MT 3600 01:00
MTH 3600 01:00AM
MT 46800 13:00
MTS 46800 13:00:00
MTH 46800 01:00PM
MTHS 46800 01:00:00PM

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