# jBASE 5.8 Windows Installation Guide

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# Document Scope

These instructions describe the system requirements and process for installing and initial configuration of jBASE 5.8.0 and later on a Microsoft Windows operating systems.

# System Requirements

jBASE 5.8 is a 64-bit application and must be installed on Microsoft Windows 64-bit operating systems.

jBASE 5.8 for Windows requires the same minimum hardware specifications as the host operating system plus a minimum of 500MB of additional hard disk space.

# Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

How to verify your Windows Operating System

# Prerequisites

To install jBASE 5.8 for Windows, you will need the jbase_5.8.x.xxx_64bit.exe installer, license key and a user account with administrator privileges.

For licensing assistance contact Zumasys jBASE support in the United States at 866 582 8447 and from the United Kingdom at 0808 189 3266 or [email protected]

# Installer File

jBASE 5.8 Installer

# License Information

As of the 5.8 version, jBASE can be licensed using either a conventional license key:

jBASE Installation License

or using CPU Licensing:

jBASE CPU Licensing Overview

jBASE 5.8 can either be installed on a clean system or used to upgrade from a previous jBASE 5.x version. We will cover both scenarios here.

# Installing on a clean system

Welcome to the jBASE 5 Setup Wizard

jBASE now utilizes the command-line C compiler from Visual Studio 2019 by installing the Visual Studio Build Tools 2019.
This process takes place before the jBASE installation proper.

Install jBASE Prerequisites

jBASE Compiler Information

Download Visual Studio Build Tools Installer

Click to install the Visual Studio Build Tools.

Getting Everything Ready

Visual Studio Installer

After the Build Installation completes, click the "Next" button to continue.

Installation Completed

Searching for compiler

The installer will then save compiler configuration information for later use.

Update jBASE Compiler Configuration

Compiler Setup is complete and we can now install jBASE.

Compiler Configuration Complete

Company Location

License Agreement


Install Runtime and jBASE Components Briefly

Install Runtime and jBASE Components Finished

We will cover the Advanced Installation Options, which provide control over what is installed and where.

Installation Type

Select Destination Location

With jBASE 5.8, user profiles are introduced and the default version is stored in JBCGLOBALDIR, which may now be a different location than JBCRELEASEDIR.

Select Directory for jBASE Global Files

Select Directory for jBASE Data exit Select Start Menu Folder

Decide which additional options you wish to install:

Select Additional Tasks

jBASE Administrator User Name

jBASE Administrator Password

Ready to Install

Preparing to Install

The jBASE installation process will be performed here, before displaying the following:


Completing the jBASE 5 Setup Wizard

jBASE 5.8 jshell prompt

# Upgrading from a previous jBASE version

Upgrading to jBASE 5.8 from a previous release

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