# Upgrading from a previous jBASE version

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# Overview

For instructions on upgrading to jBASE 5.8, see either:

Upgrading to jBASE 5.8 on Linux
Upgrading to jBASE 5.8 on Windows

The jBASE installer will examine the directory pointed to by the JBCRELEASEDIR environment variable for a previous jBASE installation.

If a config directory is found in the previous jBASE release directory, the current contents of the previous 'config' directory will be backed up to 'config_pre_<new version> in the destination directory.

For example, on Windows, if, prior to installing this release of jBASE, JBCRELEASEDIR points to 'C:\jBASE5\5.2' and the new version of jBASE is 5.6.0, then the contents of 'C:\jBASE5\5.2\config' will be backed up as 'C:\jBASE\CurrentVersion\config_pre_5.6.0'.

On UNIX, JBCRELEASEDIR points to '/opt/jbase/5.2.31' and the new and the new version of jBASE is 5.6.0, then the contents of '/opt/jbase/5.2.31/config' will be backed up as '/opt/jbase/CurrentVersion/config_pre_5.6.0'.

# Note

If you have modified any of the configuration files in the previous release config directory, you will need to apply your modifications to the corresponding files in the new installation config directory.

Such files may include:

Config_EMULATE - Contains the JBCEMULATE settings

Config_TERM - Contains translations from PICK TERM to linux TERM items

jagent_config - Contains jAgent configuration settings

jediLoggerAdminLog, jediLoggerConfig, jediLoggerTransLock - Contains TJ log parameters

jnet_access, jnet_config, jnet_env, jnet_map, jrfs_config - jRFS configuration files

jspjobs_config, jspform_deflt, jspxl_deflt - jBASE spooler config files

jshlogin - if jsh shell is used as the login shell

jLibDefinition - Define shared object items

system.json - System profile information

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