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# Description

Switches to the specified user account.

LOGTO {account-name{,password}}


  • account-name is the defined in the SYSTEM file.
  • password is only required if a password as been assigned to the corresponding SYSTEM entry via the PASSWORD command.

If account-name is not specified, the user will be prompted. If the account is password protected then password will also be prompted.

# Note

  • Execution of this command changes the environment as defined in the SYSTEM File entry. The one exception is that the PATH defined in the account will be prepended to the existing path.

  • This command does not directly support any options. However, it is possible to specify options specific to the destination account's environment via the SYSTEM File entry.

  • This command cannot be used in the command stream for PH-START or in the Primary input buffer of a jCL command.

# Example

LOGTO homer

Logs off the current account and logs into the homer account.

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