# Registration

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Proceed to https://portal.zumasys.com (opens new window) and select the link to Sign up now.

quick-start: 1548184946418-1548184946418

# Info

If you receive an error your account may not yet be activated. Please wait for the activation email and try again. If you are still having problems send us an email and we'll help get your account working.

Enter your email address and click the send verification code button.

quick-start: 1548185245409-1548185245409

You will receive an email with the verification code.

quick-start: 1548185380446-1548185380446

Enter the verification code into the verification code field and click the verify code button.

quick-start: 1548185550033-1548185550033

# Info

You may be prompted to save the Verification code in your browser passwords. Click cancel.

Fill out the remaining information fields (New Password, Confirm New Password, Display Name, First Name and Last Name) and click the create button.

quick-start: 1548185737205-1548185737205

Upon the successful creation of your account, you will receive the following message.

quick-start: 1548185893932-1548185893932

# Warning

If you do not receive the screen above and the create account continues to process or shows the spinning, there could have been an error during the account creation.  Please reattempt to create the account.

quick-start: 1548186124504-1548186124504

After your account has been activated and setup, you will receive an additional email informing you of your access to the support page.

quick-start: 1548186813923-1548186813923