# AccuTerm 8.0.1016 Release Notes

Updated: 10/19/2021, 9:29:48 PM
Created: 10/19/2021, 9:29:48 PM
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September 23, 2019

# Enhancements

  • A new advanced setting, Send environment variable to server, has been added to the Terminal panel in the settings. This can be used to send a user-defined environment variable and value to the server when the connection opens.

  • A new setting, Notify server when number of columns or rows change has been added to the Connection category. When this is checked, AccuTerm will send a screen-resize signal (SIGWINCH) to the server when the screen size is changed. This is normally necessary to use programmer mode, however it is disabled by default when using normal mode to prevent unwanted side effects of the SIGWINCH signal on some servers (d3).

# Bug Fixes

  • A problem with importing layout (.atly) from AccuTerm 7 where custom colors were lost has been fixed.

  • A crash that occurs when using the PC speaker for a terminal bell has been fixed.

  • The Server name or IP field in the Quick Connect dialog had a problem where the cursor could move back to the beginning of the field while typing, causing the order of characters to be scrambled. This has been fixed.

  • A problem which prevented AccuTerm from shutting down while waiting for certain script operations to complete has been fixed.