# Colors & Themes Settings

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The Theme buttons provide an easy way to select one of the built-in color themes. Themes consist of the palette colors, attribute colors and Visual Styles. To preview any of the built-in themes, hover the mouse over one of the theme buttons. The Preview panel temporarily changes to the theme under the mouse so you can see the effect without actually changing the current settings. To select one of the built-in themes, click the theme's button. Some of the built-in themes utilize AccuTerm's "Visual Styles" feature which can make character-based screens look like Windows. This effect requires careful use of the visual attributes by the application. Each rectangular block of characters on the screen with a common visual attribute will be enclosed in a thin border if one is defined for that attribute. Visual Styles supports 3 border styles: inset, raised and flat.

accuterm-mobile-colors-themes-settings: 1573845830818-1573845830817