# Creating AccuTerm Roles

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Roles are used to partition users into related groups. Every user must be assigned one or more roles. Examples of roles are administrator, user, warehouse, customer service, developer, etc. As noted below, each user has a role, and each profile is assigned to specific roles. It is the intersection of user roles and profile roles that determines which profile(s) a user is able to open.

# Info

Prior to creating a user, you will need to have already created your Customer Portal User and be assigned as an Administrator to your company's account.

  1. Expand the AccuTerm module from the main navigation page in the Customer Portal and select Users & Licenses.

accuterm-8-creating-roles: 1566000750186-1566000750186

  1. Select the Roles button.

accuterm-8-creating-roles: 1566001986277-1566001986276

  1. Enter the name of the Role you wish to create and hit enter to create the role.

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  1. Once the role has been created, you can select a user from the Available Users table and assign them to single or multiple roles.

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