# License Activation

Updated: 9/18/2020, 6:16:41 AM
Created: 9/18/2020, 6:16:41 AM
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One of the changes in AccuTerm 8 is how it is now licensed, by the user. In order to activate AccuTerm 8 Desktop, a user first needs to be provisioned in the Customer Portal. Upon being provisioned, the user will receive the license key by email and the administrator can view it in the Customer Portal by selecting the user.

# Warning

If you have an AccuTerm 8 Desktop device license, please do not enter an email address when activating the license key.

accuterm-8-activating-accuterm-desktop-licensing: 1565998504005-1565998504005

After installing Accuterm 8 Desktop, the License Activation prompt will display and you will enter the user's email and license key that is associated with the user's email address and select the Activate AccuTerm button.

# Note

You can download the latest version of AccuTerm by visiting https://www.zumasys.com/downloads/  and selecting the AccuTerm section.

The Internet is required for activation and if the install is not activated, AccuTerm will enter evaluation mode until the license can be activated.

accuterm-8-activating-accuterm-desktop-licensing: 1565998827762-1565998827762