# Getting Started

Read Time: 1 minute(s)

This getting started guide walks you through the process of setting up your Zumasys Customer Portal account, assigning your organization's AccuTerm licenses to your account, adding users and assigning AccuTerm licenses to those users. Additional instructions can be found on how to create roles and profiles for AccuTerm Web and how to install AccuTerm IO on your MultiValue server.

# Licensing

  1. Create your Zumasys Customer Portal login (Customer Portal Quick Start)
  2. Upon successful creation, log into the portal using your newly created credentials (https://portal.zumasys.com (opens new window))
    • Once your user has been created, Jill will assign you as the Portal Admin and grant you access to the licenses.
  3. Create your users and assign licenses (Creating Users)
    • Allow access to Accuterm 8 Web (admin will need to provide the user with login credentials)
    • Generate license keys for Accuterm 8 Desktop (user will receive a welcome email with license key)

# AccuTerm Desktop

Install (opens new window) and activate AccuTerm Desktop (License Activation)

# AccuTerm Web

  1. Create roles and profiles
  2. Install (opens new window) Accuterm Web server package (Installing AccuTerm IO Server)