Welcome to a preview of Zumasys' new documentation site! While our full launch of the site isn’t until later this year, we wanted to provide our users a glimpse of what is to come. Enjoy and please provide comments and feedback .

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Internal Documentation

  • Office 365 - Multi-Factor Authentication Client Instructions Enroll Account for MFA The user is required to enroll for MFA once the feature ha
  • Citrix - "The remote SSL peer sent a handshake failure alert" Citrix Receiver
  • Procdump - Troubleshooting crashing services Procdump is a Microsoft tool recommended by Citrix to diagnose crashing services
  • Installing Exchange In Different Site Than The Schema Master Exchange
  • Understanding Active vs. Passive FTP IIS FTP
  • Exchange - How to rebuild an Exchange Search Index  - Launch Exchange Management Shell as administrator (right click run as administ
  • Famous - How to Install Infomaker Install on each of the citrix servers...NOTE: you will need to login to Famous as
  • MailMeter - How to apply license renewals  - Login to MM server  - stop all MM services  - Launch MailMeter Configuration -
  • jBase - re\start CUPS CUPS is a printing process.   to check if CUPS is runninglogin as root  -> lau
  • LogicMonitor - How to move the collector to a different device Part 1 - add a collector.  Hardware requirements for new collectors are below htt
  • PFSense - How to create an OpenVPN server and export client install Login to the management portal Create a new System Certificate    Name the new Se
  • Labtech - Monitors and alerts Alerting Critical alerts Creates a ticket in the Labtech Board Escalates to OpsGe
  • Panda AV - Stop Panda Services DO NOT stop services from the Services panel, it doesn't work right.  Do this:  s
  • Panda AV - Manually trigger signature update - Open a Command prompt (cmd)- CD c:\program files (x86)\panda security\waagent\w
  • O365 - Migrate Domain To Another O365 Tenant O365
  • Win Update - Enable Microsoft Update Win Update
  • Powershell - How to assign Mailbox Reviewer access Exchange Management Shell
  • O365 - Set Default Calendar Permissions For All Mailboxes To Reviewer O365
  • Exchange - Hybrid Exchange 2010 / Skype for Business 2016 Profile Picture The following was ran to fix this: Download desired picture on Exchange server an